Fabrication and Site Services UK is a long established business offering fabrication and repairs to clients throughout Europe along with worldwide shipping
container sales. The company which is based in Totton Southampton actually has its origins back in 1987,and has many years experience in the welding, 
fabrication and  shipping container industry. Currently the biggest builder of shipping container based self storage sites in the UK and continues to expand.
Owned by a father and son partnership ( John and Chris Greenfield), the company has established a client base that boasts many large brand names,self storage
companies and Europe wide businesses. The Internet portfolio is second to none with multiple websites for very area of expertise brought together at this links every aspect of the shipping container world in one central place genius!!
In a nutshell the company portfolio is extensive. If it can be fabricated or built from shipping containers, Fabrication and Site Services UK can do it for you. The
company delivers a comprehensive range of fabrication and site service to businesses and the public, which is intended to suit any budget at all times. With fully
fitted workshops in Southampton and Dorset and mobile welding facilities the business also boasts really friendly staff helping clients to save time and money. The
company is able to offer a comprehensive range of all fabrication and site works, including custom built items. Tailored to meet their client requirements, the
companies services come very highly recommended. Please view feed back page on also look at these sites / /

The Internet portfolio is quite unique in the way every subject matter has a website or page it is very clever, working with web design company under the watchful
eyes of web designer Kancho Ivanov. The company also has Motorsport interests and attends motorsport functions and in particular regular meetings in Germany at
the famous Nurburg Ring. Web site has a good insight to this area of involvement and has some funny links to browse. The
company is in partnership with Hong Kong based shipping container company Multiboxx ( ) and controls the whole UK container sales
market for them.

The UK container sales operation has regional offices facilities in most major areas that shipping containers for sale are stored and are as follows :
Grangemouth Scotland - 01324 430035,
Newcastle - 0191 432 4136,
Manchester - 01772 367039 ,
Liverpool - 0151 329 0228 ,
Felixstowe - 01394 366019 ,
Devon - 01392 690112 ,
London - 0207 183 2302
Leeds - 01133 200316
and home base, Southampton - 02380 361247

Clever marketing strategies along with sound experience, well established inter company trading and just quality service to the industry makes this family run
business an asset to any client both large or small. My interview with senior partner John Greenfield gave me an insight into a business set to grow in a very difficult
economic climate. I think Johns comments summed up just how determined this family run business is to become a market leader in this industry and I quote one
comment which moved me and on that note Ill close my press release.
“Johns quote:
What we do is very hard we try to work with everyone and create harmony within the industry we know dictatorship's never work as history has proven.
We suffer our knockbacks sure we do, bad debts, time wasters - affectionately known in this industry as “tyre kickers” but we never give up I always
think of a saying my father quoted to me as a young man “end is not the end it actually stands for effort never dies and when you get a no remember it
means next opportunity!! always be positive!!
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