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Any ISO shipping container repair facility, holds adequately trained and qualified staff to repair, refurbish, and modify containers
so they meet industry standards. Ideally, the best way to keep your fleet of containers in tiptop shape is to have a pro-active policy
regarding repair and refurbishing.

Our in-house companies offer preventive maintenance programs. Where by your containers will be professionally inspected and
repaired. This not only keeps your container in compliance with ISO standards, but also will keep them in service longer and in the
repair yards a lot less check out

Remember a container out of service does not generate revenue. So, it makes sense to send it to a repair facility that can
bring it back into shipping condition as quickly as possible.

At partner facilities can repair or refurbish shipping containers providing you with quick turn-a-
round and quality workmanship.

The repairs and refurbishment processes can take your damaged units through a professional inspection process where damages
are analysed by certified IICL personnel who determine the correct repair procedures as required by ISO standards.

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